Corner Sliding Screens & Shower Enclosures

Introducing, the versatile new Hydroslide shower enclosure system. Hyroslide Shower enclosures from Hydroscreen can accommodate a wide range of shower designs with fixed glass panels optional on either or both sides of the door at 90 or 180 degrees. Hydroslide shower enclosures are patented. Hydroscreen Pty Ltd reserves all intellectual property rights.

Slide into elegance and style with Hydroscreen’s corner sliding shower enclosures. Featuring durable, clear glass panels, a modern sliding mechanism and rust-resistant fixtures and hardware, our corner shower enclosures can complement any bathroom style, shape or size. Our sliding shower doors do not take up as much space as traditional pivot door shower enclosures, making them perfect for modest-sized bathrooms or tight spaces. Clean, minimalist designs, coupled with high-quality materials and oh-so-quiet and sleek sliding mechanisms allow us to create shower enclosures that can jazz up any bathroom or shower area.

In addition, we can customise our Hydroslide shower enclosure system according to your specifications and needs. Using thick and toughened safety glass measuring six, eight or ten millimeters, plus our modern Hydroslide track rail, we can do away with the need for additional brackets or supports. This creates seamless lines and a modern aesthetic that can enhance any bathroom design or style.

Our experience with the manufacturing of shower enclosures and doors have likewise allowed us to create shower enclosures and other products that aren’t only elegant, but safe and durable as well. Our customer-friendly staff is also ready to help you with any question or clarification you may have regarding our products.

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